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Please familiarize yourself with these Terms, as they detail our commitments to you and outline essential guidelines and restrictions related to our Services. Reading and understanding these Terms is crucial, as using our Services implies your agreement and legal adherence to these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the Terms, it's advisable not to use our Services.

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In these Terms, "writing" or "written" includes electronic communications like emails.

Updates to Terms

We periodically update these Terms, with the latest version available on our website and app. You're encouraged to stay informed by regularly checking for updates. For your convenience, feel free to print or save these Terms.

You might need to update your software to use our Services, ensuring they align with the descriptions we've provided.

Continued use of our Services implies your acceptance of any updated Terms.

Using Our Service / Purchasing Coins

You'll need a virtual wallet to use our service. These wallets are managed by third parties, and we recommend reviewing their terms.

At xuirin, we prioritize security. You agree to keep your wallet access private and not engage in activities that compromise your account's security. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts if we suspect misuse.

We can't verify every user's identity and aren't liable for unauthorized use of your wallet or account. If you suspect unauthorized use, contact us immediately at [email protected], using 'Security Breach' as the subject. Be cautious of other sites claiming to be us.

Data Removal

If you wish to have your data removed, email us at [email protected]. Although we don't require personal information for signing up, we may still have your details if you've provided them. Specify in your email if you want your data deleted, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Usage Guidelines

You're expected to respect certain rules when using our Services, refraining from:

  • Personal attacks or harassment.
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  • Offensive, discriminatory, or harmful material.
  • Cheating, illegal activities, or infringement of others' rights.
  • Distributing viruses, causing disruption, or engaging in antisocial behavior.
  • Unauthorized commercial activities, impersonation, or misrepresentation.

If you see any rule violations, report them to us at [email protected].

Service Interruptions

We aim to provide uninterrupted services but can't guarantee this due to potential maintenance or unforeseen issues. While we'll strive to meet our service obligations, events beyond our control won't constitute a breach of these Terms.

We don't limit our liability for legal reasons, including death, personal injury, or fraud.

Using our app involves agreeing to app store terms and managing push notifications as you see fit.

Third-Party Interactions

We provide links to third-party sites, but we're not responsible for your experiences on these sites. Understand and follow their terms if you visit them.

Accepting Our Terms

Using our Services means you accept these Terms. If you have concerns, contact us at [email protected]. We strive to address complaints promptly, but response times may vary based on the information you provide.

Service Usage

Our Services are for personal, non-commercial use. You can't transfer your rights under these Terms. If any part of these Terms is void or unenforceable, it will be amended or removed without impacting the rest.

Not enforcing a right doesn't mean it's waived. These Terms are comprehensive and governed by specific jurisdictions.

For support, email [email protected].

Age Restrictions

Our services are for adults, as defined by local laws. Please adhere to your country's age-related laws. We take precautions to protect children's data as per the UK Data Protection Act.

Content and Intellectual Property

We own or license all content within our Services. Use of our Services and content is strictly as permitted by these Terms. We're not liable for certain types of loss or damage arising from account misuse.

Additional Information

Ensure everyone using our site or app through your connection is aware of these terms. Remember, our content is for general information and not professional advice. You're responsible for securing your systems and not misusing our site.

In case of a security breach, we'll cooperate with law enforcement.